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opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM Targets Europe, Latin America with VAT Support and Translations

Dear Colleague,

I'm pleased to tell you about two new developments that will make it much easier for those of you in Europe and Latin America to get tap into the features, technical strengths, and flexibility of opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM: improved support for Value Added Taxes (VAT) and Spanish translations.

The new VAT module is developed by Italy-based opentaps Partner Integrating Web Srl to support VAT taxation, an alternative to the flat rate sales tax mechanism in the United States. Integrating Web’s VAT module for opentaps will help you manage VAT for sales orders, purchase orders and invoice with new screens, reports, and general ledger support.

Separately, an independent developer in Peru, Stalyn Chavez, has contributed a full set of Spanish translations for the Customer Relationship Management, Warehouse, Purchasing, and Financials modules while implementing opentaps for a local company. This translation adds to the many languages to which opentaps has already been translated, including French, Italian, Chinese, and Bulgarian.

These significant contributions from the opentaps community now position opentaps for further growth in Europe and Latin America, in addition to the strong interest in opentaps from the United States, where it was originally introduced, and emerging economies such as India and China.

Thank you again for your continued support of opentaps.

- Si Chen

Founded in 2005, opentaps has been used by companies that include Fortune 500, major internet retailers, midsize manufacturers, and small startup companies. For additional information about opentaps and learn more about how to start Open Source ERP and CRM in the cloud, see

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