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opentaps 1.5: Unique Combination of Cloud Computing and Open Source ERP + CRM

Looking for a low cost and flexible Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?  Want an ERP system that’s easy to deploy, in minutes instead of months?  How about running it in the cloud, instead of setting up an expensive data center?

The just-released opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM Version 1.5 delivers on all three with a unique combination of a full-featured ERP and CRM system that’s open source and easy to deploy in the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2).  

With opentaps 1.5, a business could run a full-featured ERP + CRM system in the cloud, set up their company from default templates, load their data, and start taking orders and selling online in as little as 15 minutes.  It could then pay to use it by the hour on the Amazon EC2 platform, without large investments in hardware or signing long-term contracts.  A popular YouTube video “ERP + CRM in 15 Minutes” shows exactly how easy it could be to get up and running with opentaps on Amazon EC2.

Just like advanced commercial ERP and CRM solutions, opentaps could help businesses manage their customers, orders, inventory, manufacturing, supply chain, and accounting more efficiently.   Thanks to its enterprise Java technologies, opentaps is natively web-enabled and supports built-in business intelligence and e-commerce out of the box, without expensive and time-consuming integration.

Unlike commercial software, however, opentaps is “open source,” so businesses also have full access to its source code.  Therefore, organizations implementing opentaps could customize it to meet their requirements more easily than would be the case with most commercial ERP or CRM software.  opentaps 1.5 even offers additional tools to help developers customize or extend opentaps with independent modules, making development and upgrading easier to manage.

“We want to create software that is not just low cost, but easy to deploy and flexible enough to support the needs of many businesses.  opentaps 1.5 represents another major step in that direction,” notes Si Chen, Project Manager of opentaps.

Founded in 2005, opentaps has been used by companies that include Fortune 500, major internet retailers, midsize manufacturers, and small startup companies.  For additional information about opentaps and learn more about how to start Open Source ERP and CRM in the cloud, see

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