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New Social API for opentaps CRM2

The new opentaps CRM2 social API allows you to record social interactions with your customers, along with emails and internal discussions, so you can get a complete picture of your customer's activities.

Using opentaps CRM2 to Manage Drop Shipping

Here's an example of using opentaps CRM2 to manage drop shipping, showing how unifying communications into tasks can help make things more efficient.

New WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin for opentaps CRM2

New plugin turns your blog forms into CRM contacts by linking WordPress and Contact Form 7 with opentaps CRM2.  

Open Source Ruby/Python Scripts for Customizing your CRM

Try these simple Ruby and Python scripts for customizing your opentaps CRM2, and say goodbye to big software and expensive implementations.

opentaps Analytics Now Supports Click Weighting for Ranking Category Members

opentaps Analytics now uses a 4-factor model, incorporating sales, brand sales, newness, and clicks to rank products and sub-categories within a category.  See opentaps Analytics category rankings model for more details.

opentaps CRM2 Extension for Magento Now in Magento Connect

You can now get opentaps CRM2 in Magento through Magento Connect, giving you the most useful CRM features of email integration, collaboration, and task management -- without implementing and integrating a separate CRM.  Click here to learn more about this extension.

Get a Free Starbucks Gift Card for Reviewing opentaps CRM2

Try and review opentaps CRM2 in the Android or iOS App Store, and we'll send you a Starbucks Gift Card.  Click here to see details.

Magento Open Source Extension for opentaps CRM2 Now Available on GitHub

You can now use opentaps CRM2 with the Magento e-commerce system with the new extension on GitHub.  Click here to see a screenshot of it.

Module for Embedding opentaps CRM2 into opentaps 1.x Available on GitHub

You can now find an open source module for embedding opentaps CRM2 into your current opentaps system on GitHub.  See for additional details.

Looking for Magento Developer to Build opentaps CRM2 Extension for Magento

Know Magento?  Please help us build an opentaps CRM2 Extension for Magento -- click here to see details and submit your proposal.

New video and slides: How opentaps crm2 can Help You Work Smarter, Nautrally

Watch our new video on how opentaps crm2 can help your organization work smarter, following the natural flow of your work place.  Slides available on slideshare.

Tutorial: How to Turn Gmails into Tasks with opentaps CRM2's Chrome Widget

Read this tutorial to see how easy it is to turn your Gmail inbox emails into tasks with opentaps CRM2.

Tutorial: How to Manage Tasks Naturally from Emails

New tutorial shows you how opentaps CRM2 now lets you manage tasks naturally from emails

Tutorial: How to Unify Email Inboxes with opentaps CRM2

Read this tutorial on how to unify all the email inboxes of your organization with opentaps CRM2.

opentaps CRM2 Mobile Now Available for iPhone/iPad

opentaps CRM2 is now available in the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  This version lets you manage all your company's contacts and their activities on your favorite mobile device.

opentaps CRM2 Now Available on Google Android

Got a Galaxy, Nexus, or Xperia?  Download the new opentaps CRM2 for Android, and you'll be able to see and manage all your customer relationships, in your hand and on the go.

opentaps CRM2 Chrome Extension Puts CRM in your Inbox

The new opentaps CRM2 Chrome Extension puts CRM right in your inbox, so you and your team could see all your customer's activities in Gmail.  See opentaps CRM2 in Chrome for screenshots and additional details.

Upgrading to opentaps CRM2

You can upgrade to opentaps CRM2 and get all the new features for managing discussions, emails, and tasks without having to upgrade your existing opentaps code or database.  Simply follow the steps on this wiki page to add some screens which link your existing opentaps with the new opentaps system.  


opentaps CRM2 Introduces Tasks Management

opentaps CRM2 now introduces task management, to help you track tasks for your contacts, groups, orders, invoices, and payments. A dashboard summarizes all open tasks, as shown in these screenshots.  Free trials for opentaps CRM2 are still available, why not sign up for a free trial today?

opentaps Analytics offers Sales-based Product Rankings Model

opentaps Analytics introduces a new model to help you rank your products based on the value and unit sales of the products, sales of the brand, and newness of the product.  See opentaps Analytics Rankings Model for additional details.

opentaps CRM2 adds Social Listening for Groups

opentaps CRM2 now introduces social listening for groups.  You can create a group of contacts, and opentaps will listen to their twitter conversations and help you understand what they're talking about, and with whom.  Take a look at these screenshots.  Free trials for opentaps CRM2 are still available, so sign up today and join us as we create this new platform for communicating and collaborating intelligently.

First Release of opentaps CRM2 Now Available

The first release of opentaps CRM2 is now available!  This version includes a completely redesigned web-based user interface, Gmail integration, Twitter integration, notes and collaboration, and support for Google Apps and Twitter login.  Sign up today for your free trial at

First Widgets from opentaps CRM2 Now Available

A free, ad-supported trial is now available for the first opentaps CRM2 widgets.  Completely re-designed using NoSQL/REST/Javascript stack, these widgets provide existing opentaps users with improved note-taking, collaboration, and email integration.

The new widgets represent the first phase of a new opentaps based on a new technology stack and new approach to open, community development.  They offer existing opentaps users the following benefits for the CRMSFA and Financials modules:

  • Take notes on topics such as leads, contacts, accounts, orders, invoices, and payments with a new, user-friendly Ajax widget
  • Collaborate using the @name notation, just like on twitter
  • Integrate all your users' emails together so everyone could see a full history of communications around a topic 

The widgets can be plugged into existing opentaps installations and do not require upgrading the rest of your opentaps installation.  They are hosted in the cloud and free to users with an ad-supported revenue model.

For more information, see

New opentaps Amazon MWS Integration Module Available

The new opentaps Amazon MWS Integration Module allows you to sell on using the new Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) API while managing your products and orders with opentaps.  In 2012, is phasing out the old API used by the original opentaps Amazon integration in favor of the new MWS API.  This module allows you to continue selling on or set up a new store from opentaps.

opentaps v2 Notes Now Uses MongoDB NoSQL Database and Apache Geronimo 3 App Server

opentaps v2 Notes has been upgraded to use the MongoDB NoSQL database and the Apache Geronimo 3.0.0 application server.  You can try it at  Follow all the development about opentaps 2 on or

Try opentaps v2 Notes application and see the new UI pattern for opentaps

Try the opentaps v2 Notes application, which showcases the new user interface pattern for opentaps 2.  You can also watch our YouTube video about opentaps 2 Notes.

New FedEx Web Services Integration for opentaps and ofbiz

opentaps OFBiz FedEx integration module is now available to provide FedEx Web Services integration for opentaps and ofbiz.  Since the current Ship Manager Direct API will be discountinued by FedEx on May 31, 2012, you will need to get this module or its equivalent to continue shipping with FedEx.

Endicia USPS integration now available for opentaps and ofbiz

opentaps Endicia integration module now supports generating USPS shipping labels from opentaps or ofbiz.  See for this and other modules to improve the capabilities of your opentaps system.

opentaps v2 with Apache Geronimo, OSGi, HTML5/JS/REST now under development

opentaps version 2, based on the Apache Geronimo 3 application server, OSGi framework, and HTML5/Javascript/REST user interface layer, is now under development.  For more information, please see opentaps v2.  Follow us on the opentaps forum or for regular updates.

opentaps in the Cloud Professional Configuration now includes EBS and S3 Backup

Professional configuration service for opentaps in The Cloud now includes configuration of Elastic Block Storage (EBS) for persistent storage and backup to the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to enhance availability and recoverability of your instances.  We strongly recommend that you purchase the professional configuration service or perform the equivalent operations yourself prior to going live with your Amazon EC2 environment.

opentaps-GetResponse Email Marketing Integration

opentaps-GetResponse Module now offers integration with GetResponse for email marketing for opentaps CRM and ecommerce systems.  For more details, see and GetResponse.

opentaps Enhanced Financial Module with new reports and screens

opentaps Enhanced Financial Module features additional reports and screens for financial management, including bank reconciliation, check register, general ledger versus accounts receivables and accounts payable reconciliation, and bill payment screens.  Developed by Open Source Strategies, Inc., this add-on module is now available for opentaps 1.4 and 1.5 and can be purchased from, along with other modules and training material for opentaps.

IntegratingWeb VAT Module for opentaps Released

To help manage VAT for sales orders, purchase orders, and invoice in opentaps, opentaps Partner IntegratingWeb has developed a new VAT module for Europe and other countries using Value Added Taxes.  This new module is available for purchase from

opentaps Warehouse now Translated to Spanish

Thanks again to Stalyn Chavez of BokSoft in Peru, opentaps Purchasing has now been translated to Spanish.  Here are some screenshots.

These translations are now part of the git repository for developers and part of the opentaps Professional Edition.  If you are using opentaps in the Cloud or have the opentaps Update Service, they should be available shortly.

opentaps Purchasing now Translated to Spanish

opentaps Purchasing has now been translated to Spanish, thanks to Stalyn Chavez of BokSoft in Peru,  They are now part of the git repository for developers and part of the opentaps Professional Edition.  If you are using opentaps in the Cloud or have the opentaps Update Service, they should be available shortly.

New Debian Packaging for opentaps 1.5

We now have new Debian packaging for opentaps 1.5, thanks to Rafael Jesús Alcántara Pérez and his contribution on sourceforge

New Spanish Translations for opentaps CRMSFA and Financials

We now have new translations of opentaps CRM and Financials to Spanish, thanks to Stalyn Chavez of BokSoft in Peru,  They are now part of the git repository for developers and part of the opentaps Professional Edition.  If you are using opentaps in the Cloud or have the opentaps Update Service, they should be available shortly.

opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM 1.5.0 Available in the Cloud and for Download

opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM 1.5.0 has been released and is now available in the cloud on Amazon EC2 and for download from SourceForgeThis new version makes deploying and customizing open source ERP + CRM significantly easier than before.  For more details, see "opentaps 1.5: Unique Combination of Cloud Computing and Open Source ERP + CRM"

opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM 1.4.3 Released; Amazon EC2 AMI's Available Worldwide

opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM Version 1.4.3 is released and available for download from SourceForge.  This is an incremental release from opentaps 1.4.1 and includes patches and fixes intended for users of opentaps Version 1.4 series.  opentaps 1.5.0 is now recommended for new deployments.

Amazon EC2 machines images for opentaps 1.4.3 are now available as well in USA, Asia-Singapore, and EU-Ireland.  See opentaps in the cloud for more information about how you can jump start your open source ERP and CRM development.

opentaps In The Cloud AMI's Available in EU-Ireland and Asia-Singapore

opentaps In The Cloud Amazon EC2 AMI's are now available from the EU-Ireland and Asia-Singapore as well as USA-East.  Please see opentaps Amazon EC2 Images for more information on how to get up and running with opentaps and the Amazon computing cloud.

New opentaps in the Cloud AMI's Available for 1.5M3

New opentaps 1.5M3 AMI's are now available for opentaps in the Cloud on Amazon EC2.  The AMI id's are ami-e24fbe8b for the opentaps Mini and ami-e04fbe89 for the opentaps Full instances.  For more information on how to get up and running on opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM in as little as 15 minutes with the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2), see opentaps Amazon EC2 Instructions.

opentaps 1.5M3 Released

opentaps 1.5M3 is now available for download.  This is another milestone prior to the official release of opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM Version 1.5 and fixes many issues associated with the upgrade to OFBiz 10.04.  There are also some technical changes from with the new version and changes to the installation instructions as well.  See opentaps 1.5 technical upgrade notes.

opentaps 1.4.2 AMI includes Update Service

The opentaps in the Cloud AMI for version 1.4.2 includes the opentaps Update Service free of charge.  There are some other important changes for the opentaps 1.4.2 AMI:

  • It is available for both the 64-bit opentaps Full and 32-bit opentaps Mini subscriptions
  • By default, it is now loaded with the base template data, so you can configure your company
  • It allows you to switch between production and demo data
  • It is now based on the Amazon base linux distribution

See the updated opentaps Amazon EC2 Images documentation for details.

opentaps Update

Read about latest development in the opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM Update.

IntelliAnt becomes opentaps Partner

IntelliAnt has joined us as an opentaps Partner.  Found in 2004, IntelliAnt has evaluated over 10 open source ERP and CRM solutions and found opentaps to be the best fit for its clients.  It has contributed to the development of opentaps and extending it to vertical markets.

A-Tech Group becomes opentaps Partner for Middle East, North Africa

A-Tech Group has become an opentaps Partner and will help introduce open source ERP and CRM to Middle East and North Africa.

opentaps 1.4.2 Released

opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM Version 1.4.2 is released and available for download from SourceForge.  This is an incremental release from opentaps 1.4.1 and includes patches and fixes intended for users of opentaps Version 1.4 series.  opentaps 1.5M1 is still recommended for new deployments.

opentaps 1.5M2 Released

opentaps 1.5M2 is now available for download from This version has been upgraded to Apache OFBiz's 10.04 release and features the following enhancements:

  • Upgrade to Apache Tomcat 6.0.26
  • Upgrade to Apache Axis 2
  • Integration with RBS Worldpay, Sage Payment, Chase Orbital Payment gateways
  • Integration with Endicia shipping system
  • Improved Google checkout integration
  • Improved eBay and Google Base integration, including support for multi store
  • Added web analytics support, with support for google and bing analytics.
  • Additional translations including Hindi
  • Support for multi-tenant databases

This release is currently recommended for testing the new version of OFBiz.  For production deployments, we continue to recommend opentaps 1.5M1 for now.

iContact Email Marketing Offer

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Video: Get opentaps Running in 15 Minutes in the Cloud

Watch this video on opentaps and Amazon EC2 and see how to get opentaps up and running in under 15 minutes on the Amazon EC2 cloud.  For more details, see opentaps In The Cloud.

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