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-opentaps 2 is our effort to create a more modular, reusable, and extensible enterprise software system according to industry standards. 
-For background, please see  
-* [ A New Architecture for opentaps] 
-* [[ERP Modules with GWT and Domain Driven Architecture]] 
-* [[Implementing Domain Driven Architecture with OSGi]] -- an overview of the architecture of opentaps 2 
-* [[opentaps 2 User Interface Principles]] 
-* [[opentaps 2 Framework Technologies]] 
-* [[opentaps 2 Logging Service]] 
-* [[opentaps 2 Service Validation]] 
-* [[opentaps 2 Automated Testing]] 
-* [[opentaps 2 i18n]] 
-To get started 
-* [[Getting opentaps 2]] 
-* [[Setting up Eclipse IDE for opentaps 2]] 
-The first proof of concept application is the [[opentaps 2 Notes]]. 
See a [[Tour of CRM2]] See a [[Tour of CRM2]]
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Documentation on [[CRM-2 API]] Documentation on [[CRM-2 API]]
-To learn more about how to develop with OSGi and opentaps v2, see 
-* [[Customizing opentaps 2: an OSGi Tutorial]] 
-* [[How to Create a new OSGi Bundle]] 
-* [[How to Get Rid of an OSGi Bundle]] 
-* [[Making a Persistent Class with openJPA and OSGi]] 
-* [[How to Customize and Extend opentaps 2 with your own OSGi Bundle]] 
-* [[Implementing Java Persistence with MongoDB and NoSQL Databases]]  
-* [[OSGi Odds and Ends]] 
-* [[MongoDB NoSQL Database Tips]] 
-Useful references about  
-* OSGi: 
-** [ Migrating from Spring Framework to OSGi] 
-* HTML5: 
-** [ HTML5 Api Overview] 
-* Mobile 
-** [[Android tips]] 

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See a Tour of CRM2

How to Set up CRM2

Documentation on CRM-2 API

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