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This screen is no longer present in opentaps after version 1.0.x

This screen allows you to receive a payment to a customer billing account. Enter the appropriate information into the following fields:

  • Received From Party - This is customer who is making the payment. It will be automatically set to reflect the customer from the previous billing account screen. You may change the party by entering the new internal ID manually or searching for it using the lookup widget.
  • Payment Type - This is the type of transaction (for example, "Customer Payment" or "Customer Deposit") and is by default set to customer payment. You may change the payment type by selecting the relevant type from the drop down menu.
  • Payment Method - The payment method (for example, "Credit Card" or "Cash") of the payment and is by default set to credit card. You may change the payment method by selecting from the previously created customer payment methods using the drop down menu.
  • Amount - Enter the amount of the payment manually and select the appropriate currency from the drop down menu. By default, this will be set to the billing account's pre-configured currency.
  • Effective Date - This is the date that the payment will be made and applied to the customer billing account. Enter the date manually or search for it using the calendar widget.
  • Reference Number - Enter the check number or reference number of the payment transaction.

Clicking the [Submit] button will apply the payment to the customer billing account and return you to the View Billing Account Screen.

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