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This screen allows you to receive a payment and post the transaction to the appropriate GL account. Enter the appropriate data into the following fields

  • Payment Type - Select the payment type (for example, "Customer Payment") from the drop down menu.
  • Receive from Party - You may enter the internal party ID manually, or search for it using the lookup widget.
  • Payment Method Type - Select the payment method from the drop down menu. This will determine the GL account that the payment will be applied to.
  • Amount - Enter the amount of the payment and select the currency from the drop down menu. Please note that the currency will be set to the company's configured currency by default.
  • Effective Date - Enter the date that the transaction will be effective manually, or by using the calendar widget.
  • Comments - Enter any relevant comments into this optional field.
  • Check/Ref Num - Enter the check number, or the reference number of a credit card or EFT transaction.

Clicking the [Receive Payment] button will take you to the View Payment Screen for this transaction.

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