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The opentaps Proposition

opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM's goal is to combine the best of both open source and commercial software.  We want to offer users the unlimited flexibility and innovation that comes with free access to the source code, along with the expertise and professional support of high quality commercial software.

Free Software

We believe that only with free access to the source code can users create solutions which truly fit their needs.  We also believe that open source is an extremely efficient software development process, as the free access to source code can unleash the collective innovation of a global community. 

Therefore, we've made opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM freely available.  It's "free" as in "free speech," so that you can modify it as much as you need, without any obligations.  It's also "free" as in "free lunch," so you can freely download and use a production-ready, enterprise-grade ERP system.  If you are technically knowledgeable or have unique needs not covered by our expertise, this is probably your best option.

Expertise and Professional Support

As the developers of opentaps, we also know a lot about it.  We know what features are available and how they should be used.  We've learned from experience how it should best be deployed, customized, and implemented.  We also have an idea of what future releases may contain and how best to stay compatible with them.  Finally, we support other users with patches, upgrades, and documentation.

If your needs coincide with our expertise, we and our partners can offer you significant value with services such as automated updates, certified implementation, and professional support.  We can help you get more out of your software by taking full advantage of its features and technical strengths.  We can also help protect your investment over time through future releases and upgrades.  We can mentor you or your developers and help you tap into the power of opentaps ERP + CRM faster.  Thanks to economies of scale, we can do all of this more efficiently than most users could on their own.

The revenues from professional services and support, in turn, help fund continued open source development, completing the cycle that will one day make opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM one of the best enterprise software solutions--open source or commercial.

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