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opentaps In The Cloud

The flexibility and power of open source on an easy to deploy, easy to maintain, pay by the hour world class infrastructure.  See why getting opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM up and running is easier than ever with cloud computing.

Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2)

Pre-loaded Amazon Machine Images (AMI) in the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) allows you to get up and running with opentaps in minutes, with no need to purchase and set up hardware or download and install software.  Amazon EC2 is priced on an hourly basis, making it easy and cost-effective for getting opentaps up and running.  All you need is an Amazon account.

To deploy opentaps for production, pre-configured machine images with MySQL open source database and opentaps Open Source ERP are available.  These pre-configured instances feature:

  • opentaps is configured to port 80 and 443
  • MySQL database is pre-configured for improved performance in production environments
  • opentaps is pre-loaded with a base template (no demo data), so you can start setting up your company.

Currently the following pre-configured machine images are available:

  • opentaps Mini AMI -- Low-cost AMI starting at $0.25 per hour.  Suitable for small deployments of up to 10 users for basic ERP and CRM functionality.  Not recommended for ecommerce or MRP inventory planning.
  • opentaps Full AMI -- Full-sized AMI starting at $0.50 per hour.  Suitable for general deployments.

See the following video for how to set up opentaps in the Amazon EC2 Cloud:

Or follow the instructions for opentaps Amazon EC2 Images after you have purchased one of the subscriptions listed above.

Note: Amazon will bill you for hours while the EC2 instance is running, even if you are not actively using it.

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